It’s been a long time coming, but here – just in time for Christmas – is a new Schedules page. Log in to Consonance and go to /schedules, where you can click to preview the new version: Screen shot 2017 12 23 at 20.16.51

You will be able to flick back and forth between the current and the new version for a while – at least until the end of January 2018. And we’ve only made the first changes available for preview so far, meaning that this is a work in progress. Feedback is definitely welcome, as ever.

Here’s how the new page is looking: you’ll want to log in to your own account to see your own data.

Screen shot 2017 12 23 at 20.20.54

You can click through to the tasks page to see the detail behind the task counts.

This is the first stage in redesigning this page. Further development will make it possible to:

  • Add, edit, duplicate and delete schedules
  • Open a panel to view all tasks on a schedule, as well as potentially tabs for ‘Roles’, ‘Issues’ and other data relevant to a schedule.

We’d love to know:

  • Does this page help you answer the question of where you are with your schedules, and what needs doing?
  • Is there anything missing that is important for you?
  • What data would you find particularly valuable in the open-and-close panel for each schedule, to help you answer the questions important to your work?

Please email with your thoughts, or raise a support ticket.

By the way, this is the first product update blog post that we’ve included on Code:Read. Previously we’ve relied on the change log but feedback on our recent customer satisfaction survey suggested that clients would like more information about when new features are announced. So bookmark this blog in your browser, and subscribe to our RSS feed, too.

Many thanks from us all, and a very merry Christmas and happy new year!