Before reading this guide

In this guide, learn how to populate the third column of your P&L, ‘Actual’, with the direct costs of your production run. Do this by creating a purchase invoice for each of the costs, via the P&L page.

Go to Work > P&L.

Scroll to the Direct Costs section.

In the Actual column, click the add link on one of the cost category rows.

You arrive at a page to create a new Purchase invoices.

  • Add the invoice date
  • Enter a description of the invoice if required
  • Enter the purchase value and quantity
  • Choose a cost category from the Finance code dropdown
  • Click Save

When you save, you return to the P&L page where you see the quantity value.

If you want to add another purchase invoice, repeat by going back to the P&L and in the Actual column, click the add link on the cost category rows.

View all purchase invoices on Finance > Purchase invoices.