See how accurate your forecasting is by adding actual costs in to your P&L

Before reading this guide

In this guide, learn how to populate the third column of your P&L, ‘Actual’, with the direct costs of your production run. Do this by creating a supplier invoice for each of the costs, on the production run page. Your P&L looks something like this by the end:

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1. Go to the supplier invoices page.

Go to Work > P&L.

Scroll to the Direct Costs section.

In the Actual column, click the Edit link on one of the costs to head to the Production run.

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You arrive at Production run > Supplier invoices.

2. Add an invoice

Click Record supplier invoice against the relevant product.

You arrive at the Edit supplier invoice page.

  • Edit the date if need be
  • Enter a description of the invoice
  • Enter the purchase value and quantity
  • Click Add another purchase value and quantity to add any additional lines to the invoice. (Click Remove to remove these fields.)
  • Choose a cost category from the Print / component dropdown
  • Click Save

What if my actual cost wasn’t in the forecast?

When choosing a cost category, you can choose only from cost categories that are chosen already on your forecast under ‘Cost Estimates’ (see screenshot below). That means that if you want to create a new cost that is without a cost category, add this cost category to the forecast first. If ‘Picture budget’ is included on the forecast at 0.00, add a supplier invoice for this cost, so it appears on the P&L. But if there is no cost category at all, add a new cost category under Project management > Finance codes. Then scroll back up to Cost estimates, tick Include on P&L? and enter a value of 0.00. Add the supplier invoice.

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If you want to add another supplier invoice, click View most recent production run to return to Production and then click on your Production run to return to Purchases > Supplier invoices.

OR if you want to see the cost you’ve entered on your P&L, click on View P&L

On the P&L, scroll down to Direct Costs.

The Actual column has updated with the value of your new supplier invoice(s).

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Click the Edit link on any of the rows in Direct Costs to return to the Production run.