Check you're on track for profit by adding projected costs to your P&L

Before reading this page:

When do you follow these instructions?

Do: If you only have one supplier in mind to provide each of the services related to the direct costs, or when you don’t mind which supplier fulfils the services. Don’t: If you want to produce supplier-specific purchase orders. In that case, read Add costs to your P&L by supplier.

1. Go to your P&L

Go to Work > P&L.

On your P&L, scroll to Direct costs. If there is a production run for this work, click on Detail to enter your costs.

2. No production run? Create one.

If there is no production run, you won’t see the Detail links.

To add a production run, go to Work > Production.

Click the Add button.

Choose the relevant products and a stock delivery date.

Go to Work > P&L.

3. Enter costs

To enter costs – from the output of a scales-based cost estimate, from an emailed supplier’s estimate, for example, or from a rough figure in your head – click on Detail on one of the cost category lines.

A dialogue box opens, containing the finance codes within that cost category.

Fill in either a unit price or a total amount, and choose your currency. Click Save.

On the P&L, you see your updated production spend and total costs.

Repeat for the rest of your cost categories, e.g. Editorial Origination, Trade Spend, Production.