1. Go to the P&L

Go to Work > P&L.

2. Add a forecast

Under Forecast, click the Add icon to enter your sales forecast.

What is gross revenue?

This is the amount you think you will sell of each of your editions of your work’s products. It’s the money you receive in from customers after their discount, sometimes known as ‘net receipts’. It is called ‘gross revenue’ because it is before returns.

3. Add channel-level forecasts

You see the channels listed for each product, along with the sales profile, returns profile and quantity.

Adjust the profiles for sales and returns for each channel. Then enter in the quantities and click Save to return to the P&L.

4. Save and review

After saving your quantities and profiles, you now see your forecast gross revenue on the P&L. Edit your quantities: click the Add button.

How was my forecast gross revenue calculated?

Consonance has used the quantities you’ve just entered, as well as the retail price of each product (amendable in Metadata) and the average discount for your chosen channels (amendable in Settings > Sales channels).

What about foreign currencies?

If you enter this income in dollars based on the dollar price, the dollar income is converted into your base rate (sterling if you are UK based) in Consonance, because you would need all income to be in sterling in the P&L for the purposes of comparison. The exchange rate is set in Configuration > Settings > Currencies. Read about how to set them in Currencies.

5. Edit your forecast

If you want to view or edit your forecast gross revenue, click edit. You see the estimated revenues produced by your quantities. Click the Edit link to amend an estimate.