There are a number of different sections in Consonance to tailor to your company’s precise requirements.

The Configuration section is where you define many values specific to your company.



Set up and maintain publisher names


Set up and maintain imprint names


Set up and maintain your in-house subject category codes

In-house editions

Manage your own in-house editions, such as paperback, hardback and so on. This makes for a more flexible list than the ONIX edition codes.

In-house formats

Manage your own in-house formats, such as ePub, Mobi or spiral-bound. This makes for a more flexible list than the ONIX format codes.

Work defaults

Set up default profiles for your works

Age range codes

Set up age range codes for your works

Pricing territories

Set up the countries which use particular currency prices

Work templates

Set up templates to automatically populate data such as BIC codes and the contract to copy


Advance information sheet templates

Define advance information sheet layouts

Catalogue templates

Set up catalogue templates

Briefing templates

Automatically create briefing templates for each new book



Set up sales channels for your books e.g. Home, Gratis


Set up sales channel groupings for your books, e.g. UK, Export

Sales profiles

Set up and manage your monthly sales profiles

Returns profiles

Set up and manage your monthly returns profiles.

Returns codes

Set up and manage your returns codes

Supplier configs

Set up and manage your distribution suppliers.

Sales reps

Set up and manage your sales reps



Set up and manage your exchange rates

Cost groups

Set up cost groups – the parents of finance codes e.g. Production, Marketing, Trade costs

Finance codes

Define your company finance codes e.g. Print, Binding, Promotional spend.

Contract clauses

Add and manage contract clauses, to be used in contract templates

Contract sets

Group contracts into sets for royalty statement purposes, when cross-accounting is not required


Paper stocks

Set up and maintain paper and jacket stocks

Binding types

Set up and maintain binding types


Manage company settings such as royalty periods


Configure OAuth connections (developers only)