How to get a cost from your supplier scales, ready for inclusion in a production run's cost estimate and in your forecast P&L.

When do you follow these instructions?

  • Do: Follow these instructions if your supplier scales are in Consonance and you want to use them to get a cost for a production run.
  • Don’t: Follow these instructions when there are no supplier scales in Consonance. If you want them to be, contact us for help.

1. Go to your work’s production area

Go to Work > Production.

Click on the production run name to edit it.

2. No production run? Create one.

If there is no production run, read Add costs to your P&L by supplier.

3. Go to the scales section

On the production run’s edit page, scroll to the Scales section.

Click the Add button.

The placeholder texts are calculated based on the production run spec. Either override them here or go to Work > Production to edit the quantity.

To edit the word count, image count and page count, go to Work > Metadata.

After editing those pages, the placeholder texts update to reflect the metadata.

If you prefer to override the values directly on the cost estimate, type your overrides in.

Give the cost estimate a name and a description and click Save.

Once you save, options appear for a production run of this spec at the foot of the page.

Tick the box against the relevant costs.

Click Save then scroll down to the chosen costs section. As well as the chosen costs, you see useful metrics.

Type these summary numbers into the costs section of the production run.