Here is an example of a press release PDF generated using the Zed Books template. This help page is only relevant to users at Zed Books as this is a proprietary design.

This is where the data comes from.

Hard coded for Zed.


The main book image with an 8mm bottom margin and an top margin.

All the sidebar data is drawn from the metadata page.

  • Available: the pub date.
  • Price: a list of £, US$ and € consumer prices.
  • Format: the proprietary edition description name.
  • ISBN: the ISBN13 identifier.
  • To request a review or inspection copy please contact is hardcoded.


All the top of page data is drawn from the metadata page.

  • Series, unless the product series is blank on the metadata page.
  • Product title and product subtitle
  • Product online authorship description, or
  • Work online authorship description, or
  • Product contributors grouped by role then
  • other product contributors grouped by role.

Main content

Selling points: first product marketing text selling points: internal marketing text field

More information about the book: last product marketing text long description: external text field

About the authors: first product marketing text bio: internal marketing text field.

Download the press release

Click on the files icon on the work page and choose the icon in the PR column for the relevant product.