1. Go to the production page of your work.

Go to Work > Production.

2. Add a new production run

Click the Add button. Fill in the form, then click Save.

Provide a rough delivery date. This is so that you can differentiate between this production run and a reprint in 18 months time. It doesn’t have to be precise – it should be enough to roughly indicate which month or year the print run occurred in, for your ease of reference.

Which products should I tick?

The pop-up gives you a checkbox for each of the work’s products. You might want to print a hardback and a paperback together, getting economies of scale on printing the paper block and then splitting the print at the binding stage. Or you might have co-editions to print on one run, changing a black plate for the language. Tick the products which you want to be included on this production run.

3. Review your new production run

Click on the name of the production run.

The production run edit page is split into sections:

  • Order details, including the delivery date and a name for your production run (e.g. Second printing)
  • Quantities, including the number expected and received, by product
  • Specs (specifications): contains information about the physical dimensions and descriptions of the product.

4. Fill in sections

Fill in the section of the form according to your requirements.