How to set up Slack and the system

1. Sign up for a account

2. Launch Slack and create a new channel

Create a new channel and call it “Consonance” and invite any colleagues to it. (Consonance will look for any channel called “Consonance” on your Slack account and will post notifications to it.)

Make it a public channel

Make sure you don’t make the Slack channel a private channel. Slack’s privacy policy means that third party apps can’t post to private channels.

3. Create a bot

Create a bot to post to the Consonance channel you’ve just created. Go to your browser and copy and paste this URL, overwriting it to include the name of your Slack account: http://[your slack account]

4. Choose a username

On the page that opens, you are invited to choose a username for your bot. Enter this using the format yourname_Consonance, e.g. snowbooks_Consonance. (NB: there’s a 21 character limit, so shorten your company name if necessary, e.g. zed_Consonance.) Click Add bot integration to create your bot.

5. Get the API key

Under Integration settings, there is an API key listed for your bot. Right-click to copy this.

6. Paste the API

Return to Consonance to paste in the API key. Open a new tab on your browser. Go to your Consonance account. Sign in and click on your company name, and then Company Profile. Under API keys, paste the API key for your Slack bot into the field for Slack.

7. Enable the service

Tick the box to the left marked Enable Slack notifications and click Save. Your bot has been successfully created and can post key metadata changes to your Consonance Slack channel.

8. Test

Test your new bot by changing a publication date or price, and you see a notification pop up in your channel.