Create templates for any of the following fields:

  • Main BISAC code
  • Main BIC code
  • Audience code
  • Imprint
  • Publisher
  • The contract from one of your existing works.

Examples of work templates

  • A template for works that always use the same audience code e.g. ‘Academic’
  • A template for each of your imprints
  • A template for the subject codes you publish most often e.g. ‘Thrillers’ and ‘Romance’

Apply templates when adding a new work in the Metadata section.

1. Go to the templates page

Go to Settings > Configuration > Work templates.

2. Create the template

Click the Add button.

Fill in the form, then click Save.

From the Work templates page, add, edit, duplicate and delete either the template you’ve created or any others.

3. Apply the template

Create a new work and apply your template to it.