Specify which people have adopted which role on a work.

Set up your team roles

Set up the sorts of people who should be involved with a work.

Go to Work > Overview and scroll to Team > In-house team.

Click the three dots more icon to show the options and click the Edit link.

In the section Or specify user roles on this work manually, tick the descriptions of all the roles you want to be fulfilled on this work. Click Save.

Add the exact names of people who are going to fulfil these roles. Click the Add button. The team members whose user profile includes the ability to perform the named roles appear in the dropdown.

If there are no people, or the relevant person is missing from the dropdown, then you need to add the correct role to their profile.

Add a role to a user’s profile

Go to People > Users. Click View profile on the correct user. You are taken to their profile if you have the appropriate permissions. Find the area which contains roles, and choose the role e.g. Art Director. Click Save and when you return to the work, choose the user from the dropdown next to the role e.g. Art Director.

Role sets

To avoid doing this manually for each work, use role sets to set up the right sorts of roles more quickly:

Go to Settings > Configuration > Role sets. Click the Add button.

Type the name of the role and any description. Once it’s saved you’ll be able to say which roles the role set should include, by checking the boxes of the roles that appear. The new role set is available as a dropdown when you want to set up roles on a work.