Bedford Square Publishers, rooted in the rich history of London and Brighton’s Bedford Square, has quickly made a name for itself as an independent publisher. Known for selecting stories with a worldwide appeal, they focus on bringing compelling and universally resonant narratives to a global audience.

Established by publishing veterans Hodder & Stoughton c.e.o. Jamie Hodder-Williams and ex-John Murray sales strategy director Laura Fletcher, Bedford Square Publishers understood the necessity of an advanced publishing management system and quickly partnered with Consonance to enhance their operations. This strategic collaboration has sharpened their publishing processes and broadened their global reach, ensuring accurate product representation with major industry platforms, including Amazon, Nielsen, and BDS.

Following the swift acquisition of No Exit Press, Bedford Square Publishers faced the substantial task of integrating an legacy catalogue of over a thousand titles. The consolidation phase was made smoother by Consonance’s advanced metadata management system, which played a crucial role in facilitating a seamless transition.

To showcase Bedford Square’s extensive experience in the publishing industry, their team also sought to create an advance information sheet that reflected this depth of expertise. Embracing this vision, the Consonance team transformed Bedford Square’s detailed layout into a reality, crafting beautiful, bespoke AI sheets that incorporated elegant typography and a clean, professional layout that effectively communicates Bedford Square’s industry prestige and proficiency, marrying informative content with high quality design.

Screenshot of Bedford Square Publishers' homepage in Consoannce

As Bedford Square Publishers carves its path in the literary world, the scalable solutions from Consonance continue to support its growth and commitment to introducing new literary voices. This powerful combination of traditional storytelling zeal and thoughtful little innovations from Consonance position Bedford Square Publishers not only for growth but also as a trendsetter in the independent global publishing arena.

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