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Children’s publishers have to do everything that adult publishers do, but backwards and in heels. In addition to fiction and non-fiction text-based books and ebooks, there are a multitude of special requirements for images, trim sizes, mixed formats, complex author/illustrator/estate royalty splits, and audience-specific metadata.

What if your system could:

  • Automatically flag up if that one ebook was missing an audience code
  • Create the metadata for a new product bundling together multiple books in a few clicks
  • Not charge you a single penny to add an in-house format or subject category. Obviously.
  • Feed your website from an industry-standard API
  • Export your metadata in XML to your catalogue or rights guide InDesign template
  • Generate a batch of beautiful advance information sheets with inside spreads in two clicks
  • Support CBMCs
  • Support illustrators, translators -- indeed, everyone involved -- as first-class contributors

You should be able to add, view, and manage the hundred-plus individual tasks that need to be done, assigning them to people and viewing completion progress through an online or desktop calendar of your choice – starting with project approval, and following progress through publication and on to a one-year anniversary review. You should be able to track both the big tasks – sending print files, approving cover designs – and the small ones – like checking that cover images are up and pre-orders are available on major retailer websites.

Get your publishing under control with Consonance, the title management system backed up by a crack team of publishing technologist experts that has extensive experience of children’s publishing.