That's a complaint overheard at a recent publishing conference, and they're not alone. It's so frustrating to hear about publishing innovations when the reality of running the business is so different. If it was easier to keep on top of the basics, perhaps you'd be able to take advantage of new ways to diversify, launch audio ranges, and reach new readers, as well as build up your defences against challenges like Plan S and shifting Amazon terms.

But your teams have endlessly changing data, literally thousands of to-dos, and a complex network of distributors, wholesalers, printers, retailers, data aggregators and sales agencies, all with their own systems to keep updated – not to mention your database, all the spreadsheets, the AIs and your catalogue. Better to just get everyone to focus on publishing next year's frontlist than worry too much about the future, right?

You know you should stop and get the publishing process more organised. Everyone's too busy firefighting for that to be an option, though.

But what if you could? What if migrating your legacy data was straightforward? And it was then easy to keep every piece of metadata automatically synced, so there was one version of the truth across editorial, production, marketing, and finance, as well as all your external systems? To have every task neatly move in line with all your changing manuscript delivery and publication dates? For teams across your company – editorial, rights, production, marketing, sales, PR, finance – to share a united understanding of all your backlist and frontlist metadata, contracts and more? Your company could be efficient and futureproofed – within a few months.

"Hugely impressed with the interface and user design elements of Consonance, and the modern approach to system architecture which we feel is well placed to grow with us as our programme grows."

– Chris Box, Head of Sales Operations, Institute of Physics Publishing

Agricultural sciences publishing start-up Burleigh Dodds Publishing went from a standing start to winning IPG Newcomer of the Year, using Consonance to structure their complex metadata

Yes, getting organised can be a huge project – but it doesn't have to be.

Get your publishing under control with Consonance, the title management system backed up by a crack team of publishing technologist experts. Follow the plan we use for publishers of all sizes, ages and complexity, for your success:

  1. We start by using detailed templates to import your complex legacy product and contact data with ease, supplemented by our automatic ONIX importers.
  2. We automate your advance information sheets, get ONIX capability by setting up ONIX feeds, define custom reports, and set up third party integrations and integrated workflows so all your teams are on the same page.
  3. You radically improve discoverability through data checks that stress-test your metadata.
A screenshot of our data checks feature

You'll have a beautiful, complete, one-stop-shop system – your futureproofing against whatever publishing faces.

Book a demo and, for just £55 per user per month, join the hundreds of other publishing professionals who benefit from working in:

A screenshot of our data checks feature

"I'm confident our ONIX metadata is good"

– Nick Judd, Pharmaceutical Press, publisher of the annual British National Formulary

In no time you'll be taking advantage of your new solid foundation – running your publishing business, now and in the future, with total confidence.

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