Upload production files as a record of the files you have sent to print, to form an archive and a single source of truth.

What sort of files should I upload?

It’s best to use Consonance as an archive of finished files. There are other tools which handle versioning of large production files better such as Dropbox. Upload files of any type: PDF, ePub, Photoshop, Word, Illustrator and so on. There is a 100mb file size restriction but if this is a problem please contact us.

From the work:

1. Go to the production page of your work

Go to Work > Production.

2. Add production files

Click the Add button to add new production files. You see the bulk uploader page.

From the sidebar:

1. Go to Data exchange > File uploader

Browse to the files you want to upload. You can upload multiple files at once. If they are named with the 13 digit ISBN, the system will automatically match them to the work. If not, click on Production files either from the File uploader page or from Data exchange > File uploader, and match the files to the works.