1. Type part of the title or ISBN13

Go to Bibliographic > Products. Type part of a title or an ISBN13 into the search box marked Search by title, subtitle or ISBN. Click the Search button.

For example, type assassin to get matches on Curse of the Assassin, An Assassin in Orlandes, and The Martian Ambassador.

Include or exclude hyphens and spaces in the ISBN – it doesn’t matter.


How does the product search bar work? This search looks for both full and partial matches for the query with the ISBN13, the full title (including any prefix) and the subtitle. The search is weighted towards those elements in that order.

  • It also conducts a trigram search, which works by counting how many three-letter substrings (or \trigrams\) match between the query and the text. For example, the string \Lorem ipsum\ can be split into the following trigrams. [\Lo\, \Lor\, \ore\, \rem\, \em \, \m i\, \ip\, \ips\, \psu\, \sum\, \um \, \m \]
  • Trigram search has some ability to work even with typos and misspellings in the query or text.
  • The search ignores accents.
  • It orders the results by publication date ascending.

Technical information: https://github.com/Casecommons/pg_search