On the road again! Emma & Sara were on a Book Machine panel with Lola Odelola and Janneke Niessen to share our stories and our mutual love of the potential of tech in publishing, as well as to draw attention to the hurdles that need navigating in order to use tech well.

There’s a comprehensive write-up by Abbie Headon which is well worth a read. And here’s a Twitter moment.

Many thanks to Suzanne Kavanagh for ever-expert event management. She’s shared on Twitter links to resources we recommend to dip your toes in tech waters: definitely check them out!

What’s great about this sort of event is the promise that we might have budged someone, who may otherwise have faltered, in the direction of discovering the liberating joy of code. So we were delighted to receive multiple emails after the event from people who have applied for the next RailsGirls event. Emma, Sara Dave and Andy will all be there as coaches on Saturday 1st December 2018. Do apply now: we’d love to see you there!

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