We have had the pleasure of working with LUP since 2015 when they migrated to us from a legacy platform with the intention of establishing a solid, organised base from which to strategically grow. Fast-forward five years, and their plan has worked. In that time, LUP have established strategic partnerships with The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Voltaire Foundation, Northcote House Publishers and Historic England, integrating the lists into their own programme and applying their rigorous processes to publish wider, faster and more successfully.

For each partnership LUP established, we at Consonance imported the list’s data to LUP’s account on Consonance, often against tight deadlines to fit with launch dates, enhancing the data on import to tidy up legacy data issues. We then incorporated the data into existing ONIX feeds to recipients such as JSTOR, CLOCKSS, The Co-Op, EBSCO, ProQuest, Cambridge CORE, PLS, British Library Legal Deposit, iGroup, CNPIEC, CCC, Turpin, Nielsen BookData and more, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of data to these key data aggregators and recipients.

Since LUP started using Consonance, we have sent nearly three quarters of a million updates of product metadata in ONIX for them.

LUP manage their list of over 6000 products in Consonance

Heather Gallagher, Books Marketing Manager at LUP, says:

“Consonance is instrumental in keeping our data organised and getting it out to our trading partners. They have (time and again) been able to facilitate our changing needs and work with us to bring the highest quality data to our website and beyond. With regular updates on new and improved features, and a highly responsive team, Consonance is always a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them to anyone wishing to streamline workloads and improve their business.”.

In offering congratulations to LUP on celebrating their 120th anniversary this year, we are proud to have been able to simplify their data management and improve their data quality, whilst at the same time ensuring its wide dissemination, and look forward to supporting them in their future partnerships.

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