Just in time for the London Book Fair this week, check out the new works page.

As you probably know, we’re making our way through the list pages in the system, applying the patterns we’ve designed and standardised in our component library. So far we have improved:

  • Products
  • Contacts
  • Royalty runs
  • Royalty statements
  • Schedules
  • Tasks
  • Contracts
  • ONIX fragments

And now, Works joins the list of improved pages. Now that it’s a far more useful page, we would encourage you to try it out, because it provides a lot of information in one place:

  • Work level information, with links to refined lists of works with the same subject

  • The products list

  • The list of contributors, arranged in sequence order descending, with roles, contact details, professional affiliation and tags, just like on the main Contacts page for consistency.

London Book Fair 2018

We’ll be there with bells on, and this year, as members, we’re thrilled to be exhibiting on the ALPSP pavilion, which is in the National Hall, Stand 7C19, on the ground floor. Do come and say hello to us and the ALPSP team.

Futurebook 40

In other news, I was delighted to be included in the Futurebook 40 list of innovators this week. Thanks to The Bookseller for recognising my work on Consonance as an important innovation for publishing. Here’s my face amongst some other great faces:

From The Bookseller article:

…What the FutureBook 40 can do is provide a representative selection of the innovative work going on around books. On the inaugural list, you’ll find a mix of disruptors working from within the establishment, entrepreneurs rapidly proving their worth, and hungry new talents just starting to elbow their way in. You’ll find publishers, agents, writers, booksellers, academics, events organisers, designers, illustrators, consultants and a good few hybrids. You’ll discover people innovating across every area of the industry—in a way that is focused on solving real problems, rather than simply getting buzzwords in the press.

Here’s to continuing to solve real problems!

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