DEPRECATED FEATURE: This is only relevant if you have worked with us in the past to set up a Shopify ecommerce site for your company fed from Consonance.

1. Via the Data Exchange page, in bulk

Go to Data exchange > Websites.

Click on your website name.

Click on Edit product list.

Choose Yes / No as appropriate.

2. Via the products list page, in bulk

Go to Bibliographic > Products.

Click the Advanced search button and search to narrow down your selection (e.g. within a range of publication dates), or use the Product search.

Choose the checkboxes on the left for the products you want to send to Shopify.

Choose the batch actions icon. Choose Include in your website and click Run.

A confirmation notice appears.

To review which products you have set up to be pushed to the website that night, go to Data exchange > Websites and click on the website name.

3. Via the Metadata page, one product at a time

Go to Work > Metadata, and scroll to Publication > Dates. Set the relevant products to yes in the relevant website column.