This advice is no longer up to date. Please use briefings instead for a richer, faster, better-supported experience. Proposals will be deprecated in the future.

1. Go to the proposal page

Go to the Work page, and click on Proposal.

The page acts as a preview of the PDF export. Review the text that is present on the page.

2. Make additions to the metadata

Most of the data on the proposal comes from the metadata page. If any are missing, such as pages and word counts, and you want them to appear on the proposal, click on Metadata, add the information in, save, then return to this page. Alternatively, to jump directly to the relevant part of the metadata page, click the Edit link on the dropdown on the proposal page.

3. Make additions to the proposal

Click the Add button. Fill in the form, then click Save.

4. Repeat until complete

Continue to add texts until you are happy your argument has been made.

5. Export to PDF

Click the download icon.