Read, update, create and delete data programmatically from Consonance

The Consonance GraphQL endpoints give you access to secure client data for use in your own apps and integrations. It is organised around the main resources you’re familiar with from the Consonance interface.


Contact us on to register for an API key.


The GraphQL schema is self-documenting, with the documentation best accessed through Insomnia or another API client of your choice…

… which allows you to drill down through Query to see the fields …

… and arguments …

The workSearch argument has a field changedSince, which can be used to find products possibly modified since a particular timestamp).

An example use

We have written a toy demo app which makes a call to Consonance’s GraphQL and writes a PDF advance information sheet. Some other uses you may consider developing include:

  • Integration with another application in your system landscape, such as Salesforce or a contracts system.
  • Customer-facing website feed
  • Order system for sales reps
  • An app which allows your contributors to submit reviews for inclusion in Consonance’s ONIX feed
  • Integration with peer review, or XML authoring systems


Our GraphQL work started in 2021 so it’s early days, and we are very keen to hear from users as we develop and extend the fields, mutations, types and arguments available. We are adopting GraphQL internally to present, create, update and delete data in the Consonance web app, indicating our level of effort and enthusiasm. Please contact us on to join our GraphQL users’ group.

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