For a weekend side project for the last few months, I’ve been producing this year’s Brighton Ruby conference’s companion book: a 2020 edition of Why the Lucky Stiff’s Poignant Guide to Ruby. It’s a bit of a seminal work, in Ruby circles. Read all about it on Wikipedia.

Our edition is rather beautiful and intended to be something nice for the Ruby programming language community to enjoy in this difficult year. And what could be finer than a lovely book, as I’m sure we can all agree! Well done Lightning Source for still being open for business…

Photo of the poignant guide book. Photo of the poignant guide book.

I’m also a speaker at this year’s Brighton Ruby, which is remote this year. I’m talking about the importance of using editorial skills to make technical writing accessible and appealing, an idea encapsulated by a website we maintain called

If you want a copy of the book, and to hear my talk, alongside all the excellent speakers, it’s only £29 and tickets are available here:

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