Some lovely news for us in all of this: we are delighted to announce that Deanna Marbeck joins our team today. Deanna is unique in that she is the only publisher-turned-web developer who has also run a Consonance implementation: she previously worked at our client the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Pharmaceutical Press, during which time she selected and implemented our software to support their publishing operations.

Now she’s on the other side, having left publishing a few years back to retrain as a software developer. But with books running through her veins (she holds a Post-Graduate Diploma of Librarianship and Information Studies from Victoria University of New Zealand) we’re just delighted to have her back!

It’s a funny old time to be growing the team, now we’re all fully remote, but this year our clients have often told us that Consonance has been a great source of stability and connectedness, and our business has grown rather exponentially. Deanna will be focussed on the ONIX part of Consonance initially, so expect to say hello on the help desk and the Community forum and give her a big welcome!

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