It’s 2022 and instead of technology making your job easier it’s just adding another layer of inescapable complexity. You find yourself overworked and under-resourced, keying in the same product information into the same clunky software, meticulously copying that same information into the same monthly spreadsheets, and spending hours crafting catalogues only to discover that you’re working with out-of-date data.

When I first started working in Publishing nearly a decade ago, naive as I was, I didn’t expect so much of my time to be taken up with repetitive, administrative tasks. Ten years later very little has changed. Despite being an industry full of highly creative people, Publishing remains plagued at all levels with tedious, manual data entry tasks that take us away from the work that uses our skills. Everyone agrees good data is crucial to business success but no one has the time (or interest) to deal with it fully.

With Consonance’s new GraphQL interface, we can help free your time to focus on more creative, collaborative tasks, offer even more efficient ways of getting at your data, and deliver fully customisable solutions for presenting your titles in ways that suit your business needs. GraphQL lets you programatically get at the data that you need and gives you the creative freedom to show off your titles at their best with minimal manual effort.

Beautifully bespoke marketing materials

Spend more time working on making sales and less time creating marketing materials. Design a flyer or catalogue to your requirements once and use our GraphQL API to populate the data each time you need it. Planning a big presentation and want to make sure the titles you’re pitching are up-to-date? Use the GraphQL API to pull key title information straight from Consonance and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Curatable reporting tools

No need to spend time filtering and stitching spreadsheets together or creating KPI dashboards from scratch each month, Consonance and GraphQL can help you produce custom reports using live data from our system, filtered and curated by you to your requirements. No middlemen required.

Forms that do the legwork for you

Keep your production details in Consonance and we can help make your next print run a less painful experience, using GraphQL to populate order forms at a single click. Get the data right in Consonance and you can eliminate costly errors introduced by last minute manual mistypes.

Powerful integration potential

Combine Consonance’s GraphQL API with a data visualisation tool like Google Data Studio and create beautiful, meaningful dashboards of your products with live data that shows off your publishing journey at a glance. Alternatively, use GraphQL to generate your website catalogue and ensure that your titles are as discoverable as possible.

When I joined Consonance at the start of the year, I was burned out from fighting with inflexible systems, frustrated by how unnecessarily slow and complicated it was to get at the data that I needed to do my job. As part of the Consonance team, my focus is finding ways to make people’s working lives easier and giving them the tools to help themselves.

One source of bibliographic truth empowered by Consonance can save you time, money and sanity, and now combined with our new GraphQL API your data can now be liberated from static sheets and systems with ease, getting out of the way and letting you get on with your day.

Overwhelmed with spreadsheets? Drowning in thousands of tasks? Worried about not being ready to face the next round of publishing challenges? If you enjoyed this article, and you want to grow your publishing but you're not sure where to start, contact us. We help publishers of all shapes, ages, complexity and sizes to organise, automate and grow. Yes: your legacy data is in a pickle, but we promise it'll not be the worst we've seen. We can sort it out and transform your publishing process quicker, and more cheaply, than you'd think.

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