Well, that’s an intriguing headline.

Perhaps an even more stunning headline is Publishers Hack Their Own Bibliographic Software and the Software Provider Rejoices.

There was jubilation in the Consonance office yesterday when Nick Barreto at Canelo sent an email about his shiny new tool that helps his team search Consonance data from inside Slack.

It’s a fairy tale of well-built software supporting a forward-thinking publisher to streamline their workflow, so they can focus on the publishing.

In fact, it is the story of Consonance itself – publishers knowing what tools they need, having or gaining the coding skill to make those tools, and making them happen. No need to spend vast sums of money training developers that don’t understand the domain. Just spend a bit of time and get it done.

How can your team save time? Get the information to where they already are. Nick’s solution should save his team much clicking. We are so proud to have software that can support extension and improvement and innovation.

On top of that, Nick has made the code for the Slack integration open source, so that any other Consonance customer can use it. This is exactly the kind of community we want our customers to be a part of, exactly the kind of community we want publishing to be. Let’s spend less time on drudge so we can spend more time selling books.

So, join us in celebrating Nick and all #publisherswhocode. We look forward to sharing and creating more innovation and automation with you in the future.

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