Create a new work before you’ve made a decision about whether or not to publish. Enter as much data as possible, to make as sound a publishing decision as possible. Then, if you do decide to go ahead, you won’t have to type in a lot of data – the hard work will already be done.

Have you set up your in-house editions and formats? If you’re just getting started on Consonance, first go to Settings > Configuration and configure both your In-house editions and In-house formats. These are for internal reference only and won’t feed out via ONIX. See these instructions for help.

Go to the new work page

Click the Add work button on the works page to go to the New work page.

Choose one of the two options: duplicate an existing work, or add a new work from scratch.

Duplicate a work

The most efficient way is to duplicate an existing work.

One option is to set up exemplar works to duplicate from. You could have a series exemplar, a work type exemplar (e.g. monograph) or any other work that is typical to your company. Or you can duplicate from a regular work. If you set up exemplars, ensure you leave ONIX toggled off, to not live.

Choose Duplicate an existing work, choose the original work, add the new work’s title, then optionally choose which data should be duplicated. Click the button labelled read what gets duplicated as standard for insights into that.

Add a work from scratch

If you don’t want to duplicate a work, click Create. After you click Create, you will be taken to the metadata page, where you will start to build up your metadata record. Add products from the Tools menu at the foot of that page.

It’s generally more efficient to duplicate an existing work, or import from a spreadsheet.

This creates the work, editable on the metadata page, and a blank contract, editable on the contract page.