In-house formats and editions are templates that contain measurements and measurement units, and map in-house format descriptions to ONIX product forms.

Before adding any products to the system, set up in-house editions and formats. These are the names your company uses to describe the types of books it publishes (e.g. ‘Paperback’ and ‘Hardback’. They are for internal use only and do not feed out via ONIX. However, the official ONIX information associated with them (the Product form and Product form detail) will.

1. Set up your in-house editions

Go to Settings > Configuration > In-house editions.

Click Add edition. Enter a Name, e.g. Hardback, and an in-house Code of your choosing, e.g. ‘HB’. Click Save.

Repeat until you have your full set of in-house editions.

2. Set up your in-house formats

Go to Settings > Configuration > In-house formats.

Click Add edition.

Enter a Name, e.g. A4 Colour Hardback

Enter any other relevant details, especially Product form and Product form detail from the ONIX dropdowns. Leave the rest blank to be assigned manually for each product.

  • Name: Enter the name and spelling that your company prefers, such as Softback
  • Description: Optionally, enter a description, such as Variable-size paperback
  • Product form: Choose the best-fit ONIX product form from the list. This is not optional. Common selections are BC for paperback, BB for hardback and DG for eBook.
  • Detail: Optionally, choose the ONIX product form detail from the list. Often, this list is not detailed enough to be worth choosing from.
  • Product height (mm), width (mm): Enter the height and width in mm. Page trim applies to products expected to have conventional pages, and are based on the page size only. Primarily of use for production purposes and internal record keeping, they are not required for ONIX. Page trim size is expected to be smaller than product size for a hardback.
  • Thickness (mm): This is usually the spine width
  • Optionally, enter imperial dimensions, too.

Click Save and repeat for the other formats.

3. Associate in-house editions with in-house formats.

Go to Settings > Configuration > In-house editions. Click the name of one of the editions, e.g. Hardback. The new formats are in the Formats column.

Choose any formats that relate to this edition. There is no need to click Save.

Choose any of these editions and formats when creating new products.