A Consonance account can optionally be configured to be an umbrella account, which can also show the information from certain other client accounts. For instance, a sales agency might have an umbrella account, in which the data from the agency’s five client publishers can be seen. There are certain guidelines to bear in mind when using Consonance this way.

1) Viewing / downloading data: sign in as usual

For example, the Products page shows all the products for all clients. You do not need to do anything special in order to see everyone’s data.

2) Editing / updating / deleting: sign in as the specific client

If you are changing data, adding new data or deleting any data, for the avoidance of confusion, sign in in as the relevant client. The sidebar shows who you are signed in as on every page.

Why do I need to sign in as the specific client?

To avoid the risk of recording for the wrong client. Always check that the publisher name on the sidebar matches the publisher whose data you are amending.