1. Go to the Users page

Go to People > Users.

2. Add a user by inviting them

Click Invite new user.

3. Fill in the form

Fill in the user’s email and click Invite. This adds the new user to your account and also sends an email to them which they click through on to provide their password.

The email must be that of an actual person. We do not allow generic emails such as intern@snowbooks.com, guest@snowbooks.com or metadata@snowbooks.com. As well as supporting our licensing terms of having only named individuals accessing the system, it’s important that in Consonance’s audit trail we can see which person did what.

4. Accept the invitation

The invitee receives an email and should click the link in the email to Accept this invitation.

5. Set a password

On the page that loads, the invitee can set a password. Once they do that, they are signed in to Consonance.

If your user invitation has expired, direct the invitation recipient to click on the forgot password link on sign in.