Add new contacts by typing the name and choosing Create [name] as a person or Create [name] as an organisation from the contact dropdowns in the system, or click to add a new contact from the contacts page. If you have many contacts to add, import them from a spreadsheet.

1. Click to add a new contact from the contacts page

Go to People > Contacts and click the Add button.

2. Choose contact type

Choose whether you’re adding a new person or company.

3. Provide basic info

Provide a name if it’s a company, or at least a last name if it’s a person. Add information on this page, such as the address, phone number, email and relationships, by clicking on the add links available.

4. Click Save

Other fields on this page are optional.


Contributors versus non-contributing payees

Contacts can be associated with works in two main ways: contributors are contacts that need to be included in ONIX information. Non-contributing payees are contacts that need to be paid in association with a work, but not necessarily publicly attached to the work, such as an agent or literary estate.


Pseudonyms require two separate contacts. The contact associated with the work as a contributor should be the pseudonym, so that information is sent out in ONIX and used on AIs, etc. Use the Address as contact field for internal reference on who the pseudonym represents, if necessary.

The second contact should be set up with the legal name and should become a non-contributing payee on the work via a payee split within the contract data. Read more about that in the contract editing documentation.

Contact types

The system uses the following logic to discern who’s what. You don’t need to tick a box to say that contacts are these types – the system does it automatically:

  • Contributors are contacts who are associated with one or more works.
  • Data aggregators are contacts who have a contact digital asset transfer template (i.e. who get ONIX)
  • POD printers are contacts who are associated with one or more print on demand specs.
  • Sellers are contacts who have a supplier config (meaning we send data specific to their sales rights and pricing rules in ONIX).

Click on the links on the Contacts page to see a refined list.


Set up your own list of contact types using tags. Type in the field to be given the option to create a new one. Click on the links on the Contacts page to see a refined list of your tags e.g. Grant funders or Newspaper editors.

n.b. Previously you had to tick which types of contacts people were, but now either use the system derived contact types, or your own tags. Contact types data were migrated to tags when this feature was shipped.