Sometimes, particularly after a bulk import from ONIX data, you may have more than one contact record in Consonance for an individual person or organisation. These duplications are difficult for a system to catch as the names may be differently spelled: e.g. Partick Moore and Patrick Moore.

This is how to tidy up the data in Consonance.

1. Decide which one is correct

In the case of Partick Moore and Patrick Moore, the first is clearly a typo and should be removed.

2. Search for works by the incorrect contact

Go to Work > Metadata. Click on Contributors.

3. Add in the correct contributor in the right sequence

Both the correct and the wrong contributor are present, for a moment.

4. Delete the incorrect contributor from the work

Remove the wrong contributor: click the delete icon.

Click Save.

5. Return to the contacts page

Go to People > Contacts and check the incorrect contact has 0 works/products associated with it. Then delete the incorrect contact: click the row dropdown, then click Delete.

“But I have 1000 to do!”

If there are more than a trivial number to do, please contact us.