Basic issue information

  • Issue reference number (ID): Typical number to identify different issues.
  • Issue name: Issue’s name.
  • Description: Briefly describe what the issue concerns.
  • Issue author: The person who raise this issue.
  • Parties: all the people involved in solving the issue.

Issue categories

  • Issue domain: what knowledge area the issue belongs to. (E.g. Editorial, Production, etc.)
  • Issue priority: it determines which issue is the most urgent and should be solved first. (E.g. the priorities may encompass Immediate, Soon, Later, etc.)
  • Issue severity: how bad the consequence would be if the issue is left unsolved. (E.g. the severity may encompass Vital, Major, Medium, Minor, etc.)

Issue date information

  • Date raised: when the issue is raised.
  • Date assigned: when the issue is assigned.
  • Deadline: when is the final date to get the issue settled.
  • Date resolved: when the issue is actually solved.

Issue status

  • Current status: the current status the issue is within. (e.g. investigating, escalated, resolved, etc.)
  • Actions updating: Actions performed before issue is resolved (List all the actions according to dates.)
  • Resolution: The final resolution to settle the issue.

The issues that you log appear:

  • On the assigned users’ home page
  • On the work overview page in the workflow section.