Imprint calendar

To get the iCal link for an imprint:

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Imprints. Click on Add a calendar.

  2. Fill in the fields e.g. the last two weeks and the next 18 months worth of products (by pub date). Click Save.

  3. The page reloads to give you a link. Click it, and it downloads to your computer.

Watch out for spaces

Don’t add a blank space at the end of the url when you add it to your calendar app. In the screenshot, the space at the end has been turned into a %20, which is enough to stop it working.

In your calendar application of choice (e.g. Google Calendars), choose something like Add calendar by URL. Prefix the calendar URL with the Consonance root e.g. The pub dates of the books in your imprint will appear in the calendar.