A day’s training costs £1200 and is available online only. Here’s a typical agenda. All the information delivered on a training day is available for free in this documentation


By the end of the day we will have helped you to learn

  • How to find information about your works and workflow
  • How to add new metadata and edit existing metadata
  • How to get data out of Consonance in AIs and spreadsheets
  • How to tailor Consonance to your own way of working
  • How to manage your to-dos
  • How your colleagues will be using Consonance
  • How to prepare for the transition to Consonance

This training day provides an overview of the system. Delegates are encouraged to use the links below to read more about the functionality.

1: Finding information

Attendees: All

2: Adding and changing data

Attendees: All

3: Workflow management

Attendees: Editorial, production, marketing, design

4: Marketing

Attendees: Editorial, marketing, design, production

5: Reports

Attendees: Editorial, marketing

Topics for in-depth training

The following topics require their own specialised training days:

  • Royalties
  • Contracts and rights
  • Production specs
  • Advanced ONIX
  • Integrations and APIs
  • Settings and configuration