Define the column headings of an Excel report, and use it to export your contact data

1. Go to Data exchange > Custom reports

Go to Data exchange > Custom reports.

2. Create a new report

Click the Add icon.

Fill in a name for your report, and choose the type of report you’re going to be defining. Choose ‘Address book’ as the type. Click Save.

3. Configure your report

  • If you want to add all the possible columns to your custom report, click Select all columns.
  • If you want to deselect all the columns, click Reset.
  • To see all the fields, click Open all.
  • To hide all the fields, click Close all.
  • Drag and drop the columns you want from the left to the right. Reorder them by dragging them up and down. You don’t have to hit save to save the columns.

This page is to define the report, not run it. Click Export sample to Excel to see how your report will look with some randomly selected records. When you return to the contacts page, choose your custom report from the drop down list, and export whichever records you’ve searched for in that format. 

Click on the headers to expand and collapse them and choose from the field names.

4. Run the report

Go to People > Contacts, and search to narrow down your selection (e.g. within a range of publication dates).

Make your selection by ticking the boxes.

Click Run custom report.

Choose the name of your report. Click Save.

Your report runs in the background. Go to Notifications to retrieve your report.