It’s important to add payments you’ve made to Consonance. Otherwise, at the time of the next royalty run, Consonance will prompt you to make those payments again, because it won’t know that the money has already been paid over.

Go to Financial > Payments ⤴ and click the Add button

Fill in the form, then click save

Have you already added this payment?

Use the search options on the payments list page to check whether the payment is present.

Go to Financial > Payments ⤴ to search a list of all payments.

Which product or contract do you allocate payments against?

If you batch up payments per recipient, to avoid multiple bank transactions, you will need to split out payments per product for the system. Enter one payment record per product, rather than per transaction. This is so that when you next run royalties, the amount earned and amount paid on the statement correlate. If that’s not practical, associate the payment with one contract.

Click Save, and when you do, the page refreshes with a new payment form. This is because you are likely to be entering a number of payments one after the other.

Payments in bulk

To do this in bulk, ask for a reconciliation export by opening a support ticket. We are able to provide an export of the exact payments of the previous approved royalty statements per product, ready for review and conversion into a bulk payment import.

Uploading payments in bulk

Prepare your reconciliation export for upload, as if it was a royalty payee import:

  1. Check the Past payment total column. This will become the paid amount, so be certain it is as expected.

  2. Remove the rows with negative past payment totals. These are unearned balances, not payments, and should not be included.

  3. Ensure there is a work id and contact id for each payment.

  4. Do not include advance payments. Advance payments should be detailed on the contract page.

  5. Go to Data exchange > Imports and choose new and import royalties to upload.