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Royalties are complicated. They pull together all the work done in the other parts of the system: contacts, products, contracts, sales, rights. Royalty checks are automated tests designed to remove as much of human error as possible in this process.

Royalty checks are automated rules to catch errors that are hard to surface with so many products and payees. Find your royalty checks via the link in the Financial navigation list, or go to Financials > Royalty checks.

At the moment, royalty checks language may be too strict. “Failed” may not be the correct word but, as royalties are a particularly sensitive area, we have decided to lean towards overly cautious.

If, for some special reason, the automated rule does not apply in a particular instance, please “suppress” the check for that individual work, so that it will not flag up as a failure again. Otherwise, you should have all these checks passing before attempting to run your royalties.

Royalty checks only run for clients that we know are running royalties in Consonance, and they only run on products that are not cancelled or postponed.

Current royalty checks are detailed below.

All list price sales have list prices

Product prices can change frequently, so any sale with a list price royalty basis must include the price at the time of sale.

At least one payee is present

There must be at least one payee present on the work or no royalties can be paid. If this work is an exception where no payees exist, suppress this check for this work.

Payee splits total one hundred percent

Payees receive a split of the royalty specifier’s rate and so, the royalty percentage splits across all payees must total 100%. Payee splits are defined in the work’s contract section called “Royalty percentage splits”.

Product with sales has pub date

If a product does not have a pub date, it will not be included in royalty calculations. If there are sales for a product, there must be a pub date or the sales will not be royaltied.

Royalty specifiers are present for all sales

A sale belongs to a channel (i.e. this ebook sale goes in the UK Digital channel) so that the correct royalty specifier can be applied. Royalty specifiers can be at the channel level, the masterchannel level or use the product-level default. As long as there is a royalty specifier at some level for each channel, this check will pass and all your sales will be royaltied. Read more about royalty specifiers.