How to generate PDF statements

Consonance has a two-step royalties process:

1) Calculate royalties

2) Generate statements

This article covers step 2: Generate statements.

Read about step 1: Calculate royalties instead.

What is a royalty statement batch?

It’s a batch of contacts to whom you’re going to send royalty statements, providing details of the sales of their products. You tend to calculate royalties in batches at regular intervals, for multiple contacts, rather than one contact at a time. This page is where those batches are created and managed.

1) Go to the Royalty statements page

Go to Royalties > Royalty statements

Are any royalty statement batches under review?

If there is a royalty statement batch under review, finalise that one first before you start another. Contacts can only be added to one unapproved statement batch at a time. Click on the Approve batch button on the Edit page of the statement batch.

2) Fill in the form

fill in the form, then click Save. Give the batch a name that is meaningful to you. Click Create when you’ve selected the correct date from the dropdown.

Set up required

The first time you come to this page there are no available statement dates. To set them up, go to Settings > Configuration > Company settings and complete the Company Statement Months section.

3) Add contacts

Click on its name to go to the Edit page.

Click on the Actions button to show the available actions:

Click on Add all contacts to add to your statement batch every contract payee.

Alternatively, choose one contact at at time to add.

Contacts who are already part of this or another unapproved batch cannot be added. Such contacts are not be listed in the dropdown.

4) Look at the contact list

When the page reloads, the potential payees are listed, but with no statement yet.

Review the list and click to remove any who you don’t want to receive a statement.

There are a number of things that could be the reason for your contact list not looking as expected:

  • Payees already belong to another statement batch. Payees can only be processed in one batch at a time.
  • You clicked to add one contact only.

5) Generate statements

Click Actions > Generate statements.

6) Review statements

Click on each row to view and download the numbers.

7) Download the statements

Download them one at a time.

Alternatively, search, choose and download a zipped folder of PDFs.

How do you send the statements?

Download and send from your own email account with your own covering letter to the recipient, or printing and posting. There is no bulk email facility from Consonance.