How it works

Consonance breaks down royalty processing into two steps, calculating:

  • the total royalty due per product across all contributors within the royalty runs section. Data is gathered from the contract’s royalty specifiers and sales information.
  • the split between those contributors within the royalty statements section. Data is gathered from the royalty run and the contract’s payee split information.


To begin royalty processing, the system must already know:

Run royalties as a new publisher

Get help

Raise a support ticket in the usual way to book a training session to get started with royalties. It’s necessary because your royalties set up is unique to you and the way you want to run your business.

The training consists of two stages: initial and top-up.

The initial training session is a walkthrough of the whole process – using one of your actual products, to make the training sticky. This will provide you with the context you need to make the decisions about your royalties set-up in Consonance. The walkthrough includes:

  • A ten minute overview of the whole process, then looping back to the start to cover each of the following points in more detail.
  • How to choose channels
  • How to input royalty rates
  • How to import sales
  • How to do a royalty run
  • How to do a statement run
  • How to record payments

Later, you’ll schedule a subsequent top-up call, when you have more data, either in a Q&A style or repeating the above.

Training costs £110 ex vat an hour and is delivered over video call, which is recorded, to which you can later refer. All training is also backed up with the written documentation you’re currently reading on this website.