How to associate contacts with their works

Have you added the contributor as a contact to Consonance? If not, go to People > Contacts and create a new contact using these instructions. Click Save, then return to this page and refresh the browser.

1. Go to the work

Search or browse to go to Work > Metadata.

2. Go to the contributors section

Either scroll down or use the right hand scrollspy menu until you get to the contributors section of the page.

3. Click to add

Click the Add button in the contributor section.

Further options

Click the three dots to view further options for your contributor(s):

  • Download contact details - downloads a simple list of name, address and email in Excel format
  • Email contributors - launches an email
  • Email contributors (bcc) - launches an email with recipients in bcc

5. Choose the contributor

Type part of their name under ‘Contributor’ on the form that appears. If your contributor is already in the system, they will be in the dropdown.

6. Alternatively, add the contributor first

If your contributor is not yet a contact in Consonance, there’s a link to ‘click here to add a new contact’. Follow these instructions. Once saved, refresh the Metadata page.

7. Choose a role

Choose a ‘Role’, e.g. ‘By (author)’.

8. Give a sequence number

Give a ‘sequence number’ if you have more than one contributor, to indicate which order they should be listed in your ONIX feed and on AIs.


This will affect the order that Amazon list your contributors in, so if you have a lead author who must come first, for example, make their sequence number 1.

9. Choose relevant geographical info

Choose any regions or countries associated with this contributor.

10. Associate the right products with the contributor

Untick any products that this contributor doesn’t apply to.

11. Click to save

Click Save to go to Work > Metadata.

12. Refine how it displays on your advance information sheet (AI)

On your AI, the contributors will be listed in a format generated programmatically by Consonance. For example, this is how Consonance generates the AI for one product.

3fcb102 29622325

If you want to override this, enter an Authorship description against each of your products.

Authorship description overrides are only relevant for certain advance information sheet templates. Contact us if you require further information.

On clicking the AI preview button, you see that your Authorship description appears underneath the title on your AI: 

63b8ece 29622324