How to add or amend a cover or jacket file

1) Upload a new image

  • Go to Work > Metadata.
  • Click Files
  • Click the Add button in the header of the Files section. A dialogue box appears.
  • Check the boxes for the products you want this image to be linked to. If this is an audiobook image, for example, check the audiobook box but no others.
  • Select the new image file from your file system. Choose the Draft file type if you don’t want this to go out in ONIX, or Public if you do.
  • Click Save.

2) Remove the association with the old cover

You can’t delete an image that has already gone out in ONIX. However, unchecking the boxes that link it with products will update ONIX recipients to tell them the old cover is no longer relevant and to use the new one.

  • Uncheck the boxes for the products and covers you don’t want linked
  • Check the boxes for the products and covers you do want linked
  • Click Save.

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