Where is my contributor info kept?

Each contributor has their own record in Consonance’s contacts area. That’s where you stored information about all people and organisations: authors, agents, illustrators, and companies such as Nielsen, your distributors and your printers.

Create a generic and, optionally, a work-specific biographical note for a contributor. The former will be the default on your AI and in ONIX unless overridden at the work level.

1. Go to the contact page

Browse or search for the contributor.

2. Scroll to Description > Marketing texts

Use the scrollspy menu on the right or scroll down the page.

3. Enter your generic biographical note

This is the biographical note which will be used for all the works by the contributor, unless there’s a more specific one.

4. Optionally, add a specific bio

To add a biographical note specific to a work or its products:

  • go to Work > Metadata
  • scroll to Marketing texts
  • Click the Add button
  • Choose ‘Biographical note’ and enter your text in the External text field.
  • Click Save.

Does this data go out anywhere? The biographical note on the contact page (rather than the metadata page) does go out in ONIX, though whether it is used is up to the recipient. You’d usually expect the contact bio to be used by a recipient (e.g. Amazon or Supadu) on an Author-specific page, where you list their works and describe them and show their photo, where the bio on the products would be used on a product page because it combines multiple authors and can be targetted to the particular work.