There are four standard subject schemes and a region-specific scheme.

  • In-house
  • Thema
  • BIC
  • NUR (region-specific)

Read About Thema for more information on Thema. Read about BIC here. Read about BISAC here.

1. Go to your work

Browse or search for your work’s metadata page, and filter the page, scroll, or use the local nav to go to the subjects area.

2. Add subject information

Click on one of the ‘Add’ links, such as Add Thema codes, and use the filter to find appropriate codes.

The hierarchical tree updates with all the possible matches. The filter looks in Notes, if they exist, as well as the label.

Tick the code you want, then click Save. Choose more than one before saving, if desired. Sort the selected codes by dragging the list items up or down, on the right.

Click Thema Guidance to read the EDItEUR guidelines. Click Notes against a code’s label to read industry advice.

3. Add in-house subject codes

In-house subject codes are useful if you want to organise your products into your own categories. In-house codes also feed out through ONIX, and in the Consonance REST and GraphQL APIs.