There are four standard subject schemes and two optional, client-specific schemes.

  • In-house
  • Thema
  • BIC
  • NUR (client-specific)
  • CLIL (client-specific)

Read About Thema for more information on Thema. Read about BIC here. Read about BISAC here.

1. Go to your work

Browse or search for your work, and scroll to the subjects area.

2. Add subject information

Click on one of the ‘Add subject’ links, and start to fill in the field.

The dropdown updates with all the possible matches.

Choose the one you want, then click Save. Choose more than one before saving, if desired.

The label of your subject code appears on the page: click on it to edit it further. For Thema, when the page refreshes, Consonance provides the official notes to help you add more options within the EDItEUR guidelines.

3. Add in-house subject codes

Fill in a primary in-house code, and then, optionally, additional ones. This is useful if you want to create a catalogue with running headers, and organise your products by category. In-house codes also feed out through ONIX, and in the Consonance API.