Only delete a work when you’ve made a genuine data-entry error, such as duplicating a product too many times. If a product or work has changed status (e.g. become out of print, cancelled or acquired by another publisher), change the status instead to update the supply chain as appropriate. If you have made a genuine error and you have an ONIX or website feed set up, you need to delete the product before the end of the working day to prevent the additional product feeding out. (ONIX feeds run overnight.)

When is it impossible to delete a product or work?

In the following instances, deleting is prevented by an error message.

  • The product has fed out via ONIX to the supply chain
  • The product or work has fed out to your website
  • You have recorded and paid an advance to a contributor on the Contracts page
  • You have imported sales for the product

In these examples, you need to change the status rather than deleting.

There are two ways to delete a product:

  1. From translation missing: en.works_path: Delete a work and all its products
  2. From Bibliographic > Products: Delete a product

Please read the following instructions carefully before deciding which method to choose, as deleting cannot be undone.

Delete a work (including its products)

If you want to remove all products from a work and also the work itself, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Bibliographic > Works
  2. Search by entering the name of your work, or scroll to find the work you’d like to delete
  3. On the relevant work, click the row dropdown, then click Delete
  4. Confirm that you want to delete both the work and all its products. This cannot be undone.

Delete one or more products from a work (leaving at least one remaining)

If you only want to delete one single product – or several, as long as the parent work still contains one product – follow these instructions.

Why can’t I delete all products belonging to a work from the Products page?

Deleting every product from a work would orphan the work. If you want to delete every product from a work, delete the whole work, as per the instructions above.

  1. Go to Bibliographic > Products and search for the product you want to delete
  2. On the relevant product, click the row dropdown, then click Delete

  1. You see a pop-up asking you to confirm (NB: this cannot be undone), and also an indication of exactly what product, in relation to the work, will be deleted.

I’ve accidentally deleted a product or work! Can this be undone?

It’s not possible to undo a deletion from the interface itself. If you have removed a product or work accidentally, please log a support ticket immediately. We may be able to reinstate it from the back end, but it’s not guaranteed.